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About Us

World of Fatezzi

Fatezzi Wood™ products are made from engineered polymers replicated from real wood masters to detail the intricate texture and unique wood-grain patterns as found in natural wood. Fatezzi Wood is so realistic in look and feel, that you will think it is made from real wood - but no splinters here! Our products are lightweight, yet very strong and are more durable and easier to maintain than real wood. The products are UV-resistant and are less susceptible to moisture, rotting, splitting, pests,  cracking, and will withstand extreme weather conditions. 

Hand Made quality

All of our products are prepared by hand to provide unmatched quality, attention to detail, and a striking visual appeal that is inimitable. We have a wide selection of color options to choose from to best match the appearance of your home. Select your favorite of these options (we are more than happy to send out samples based on your input), and our experienced painting artisans will get to work on crafting your canvas. Or, if you're keen on the DIY approach, our products can be sent to you primed and ready for paint. Flexibility is a large part of the Fatezzi advantage, so feel free to contact us with any questions regarding your desired order.

Garage Door Applications

Fatezzi Wood is installed by hand in our factory on new flush-insulated metal garage door panels from various manufacturers. We offer many R-values to meet all criteria. The garage door installation process must be practiced by our trained technicians, and is not designed as a do-it-yourself product or for existing garage doors, due to weight and other considerations. Our experienced staff will build the door to fit your specifications - please see our brochures for a list of wood species, overlay designs, and accessories.


Fatezzi Wood is proud to offer a wide range of additional home beautification products to enhance the aesthetics of your property. Beams, Corbels, Shutters, Crown Molding, and Planking can be ordered hand-painted by our in-house technicians, or primed-only for custom finishing in field. For the enterprising DIY types, we also carry wood stain, adhesive, adhesive dispensers, and many of the other accessories you may require.